start selling immediately after installation

Tools optimized for Internet marketers

Buyers CMS out of the box allows you to conduct dynamic advertising in context and use strategies with pay-per-conversion and a share of advertising costs.
Tools optimized for Internet marketers

Buyers CMS out of the box allows you to conduct dynamic advertising in context and use strategies with pay-per-conversion and a share of advertising costs.

Excellent usability
We used the experience of the leading Runet marketplaces to create a convenient store.
Adaptive design
Get an excellent mobile version right out of the box — no need to make up separately.
Smart Filter
It helps to improve navigation and increase the conversion rate of your online store.

Marketing opportunities

All the necessary marketing tools to increase your sales are available immediately after installing the system.
Banner Management

You can create different promo banners that will be displayed on the pages of categories and products of your online store. Such banners attract the attention of the target audience to advertising campaigns well, which increases conversions.

Bright, high-quality banners help to build successful marketing campaigns for your project.

Discount coupons

This functionality allows you to create gift certificate codes with which your customers will receive discounts for further use in the shopping cart.

By correctly configuring the validity period of certificates, you will encourage new and repeated purchases in your store.

Blog for content marketing

A high-quality blog with the ability to share with friends, equipped with widgets for competent linking is the most important tool that helps to promote your online store and increase its target audience.

Do not forget about this opportunity to expand the number of your potential and regular customers.

User segmentation

The Buyers CMS functionality allows you to create groups of buyers and manage these groups. Segmentation allows you to: allocate certain groups of users for the upcoming e-mail mailing list assign special discounts on selected products open access to certain sections and features of the site.

This tool partially automates business processes and increases user loyalty.

Promotions with a timer

Buyers CMS developers have created a special mechanism for the effective conduct of promotions. Now you can create shares with a limited period, as well as link all participating positions to the page with the terms of participation.

This functionality simplifies the creation and holding of a wide variety of promotions and is able to significantly increase sales and visits to the online store.

Product Options

Product options increase the average receipt due to additional services, accessories or related products. For example, when buying flowers, a gift packaging can be an option, and for selling a phone, installing a protective glass on it.

This is a great way to increase the conversion rate and average receipt.

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Product Comparison
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Integration with Yandex E-Commerce

Support and updates

We provide our clients with various types of information support, thanks to which all their projects are developing qualitatively and steadily.
Consulting support

After purchasing the system, you can always ask questions about your store and the support service will definitely answer you.


All updates are also accompanied by the technical support department, which will help in case of any difficulties.

Technical support

In addition to consulting support, we provide technical support for the entire license period.


Need more information?

We will help you with the choice of configuration, answer all your questions and prepare an individual offer. Make a request on the website, we will contact you soon and answer all your questions.